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Future of Catholic Education

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy appreciates your support of our school.

There are many ways to help:

  • by volunteering your time or talents
  • by making financial gifts
  • by your prayers for our success

We deeply appreciate the help of all who want to keep Catholic education alive in our community. If you wish to volunteer your time or talent or to make a financial contribution to our school, please contact our Mary Fleck, Principal, at (814) 266-3837, Ext. 1.

Thank you from our administration, faculty, staff, students, and families. We are committed to providing the finest Catholic education for our children. We believe it is very important in our world today.

Financial contributions may include:

Direct gifts and scholarship contributions from families or individuals

Bequests and gifts of Stock. life insurance or IRA funds

Business contributions thru EITC

Volunteer opportunities may include:

Help with extracurricular activities. clubs and sports

Help with necessary maintenance and building improvements

Help coordinating fund raising projects

Serving on Advisory Committees, etc.

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