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BETTER By The LETTER Scheduling

BETTER by the LETTER Scheduling

DMCA elementary students will be counting the days with letters this school year as part of a new rotating six-day LETTER schedule.¬†Under the new “LETTER” schedule, special subjects including Art, Music, Health & Wellness, STREAM, Computer Science, and Spanish (Grades 2-6) will be assigned a letter rather than a day of the week. Following this six-day LETTER schedule, each student will have a different special subject on each LETTER day.

The biggest advantage of the new LETTER schedule is consistency. With the old weekly schedule, holidays, snow days and early dismissals resulted in some students missing special subjects.¬† For example, students who had Art or Music scheduled every Monday or Friday, could miss as many as ten sessions during the course of the school year. The new LETTER schedule will help solve that problem. It’s all part of our overall effort to improve academics at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy.

DMCA teachers will guide students through the new LETTER schedule, while parents will have an opportunity to learn the LETTER details during the first Open House Event in early September.

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