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Inflatable Planetarium Visits DMCA

Inflatable Planetarium Visits DMCA

A giant inflatable planetarium visited our East Campus on Friday, as part of our STREAM (Science-Technology-Religion-Engineering-Art-Math) program. It’s called the Palumbo Planetarium. It came to us from St. Francis University in Loretto.
As each class entered the dome, it was zipped shut, and a St. Francis instructor, using projections on the dome ceiling, gave students a guided tour of the February night sky.
They learned how to spot planets and looked at Jupiter and Mars. They explored the Orion constellation with its dying and forming stars, and heard about the “Purple Moon” that will be setting early in the morning on January 31st. On that day, the second full moon of the month (Blue Moon) will be eclipsed by Earth producing a red Moon.
Fifth and sixth graders also viewed a film journey through the solar system, out into the universe, and back in time to the Big Bang. Fourth graders went on a film tour of the International Space Station and were awed with a visit to our sun.
The Palumbo Planetarium will be at our West Campus on Friday, February 9.
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