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Divine Mercy Catholic Academy relies on fundraising profits in three key areas:

  • For support of the school’s operating budget.  
    These various school-wide fundraisers support the school, and are intended as a way to keep tuition as low as possible. Each family (not each student) is assessed a flat $800 “fundraising fee” each year. This fee may either be paid in its entirety, or if a family so chooses, they make take part in a variety of fundraising activities which generate profit.

Each family’s profit dollars are then applied against the family’s $800 annual obligation. One half of any excess profit dollars over the family’s $800 minimum commitment are credited against the family’s total tuition due. Please consult our School Handbook for details.

Our schedule of School Benefit Fundraisers is below. Additional details, brochures, etc. for each event will be added as they become available.

  • For support of PTO activities.
    At DMCA, PTO underwrites all of our class field trips, special parties, speakers, or events that benefit all DMCA students. Information about current PTO fundraisers is posted on the PTO page of this website.
  • For support of DMCA Athletics.
    The DMCA Athletic Association works to defray costs of our various boys’ and girls’ sports programs. Information about current DMCA Athletic fundraisers is posted on the Athletics page of this website.

At this writing our 2017-2018 schedule of School Benefit Fundraisers includes –

Ongoing opportunities throughout school year:


Our SCRIP program is built around the purchase of gift cards which may be used for everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas, dining, clothing and gifts.

SCRIP cards are sold in specific dollar amounts, and may be used in place of cash at many local businesses.

Divine Mercy Academy earns a percentage on every SCRIP card purchased, and that percentage is credited to each family’s $800 fundraising commitment. The exact percentage earned varies depending on each vendor’s individual agreement with the SCRIP organization.

SCRIP is a very easy way for our families to reach their $800 fundraising goal, as the cards may be purchased not only by our families, but also by friends, grandparents, neighbors, etc. and used for common things most people already purchase on a daily or weekly basis.

The difficulty is that it requires a good bit of time to administer the SCRIP program. We have recently found a volunteer who is willing to undertake this task. We are extremely grateful for this, and we’re working to make SCRIP purchases as easy as possible. More details will be released soon. The goal is to have our school SCRIP program operational in time for holiday shopping.

Monthly Sale of Candy Bars

Please order bag(s) of candy bars from your campus on the first Friday of each month during the school year. Payment must be submitted with your order.

Each bag contains (30) thirty candy bars and costs $45.00. Suggested selling price is $1.50/each or 2 bars for $3.

Families will be credited $20 for each bag purchased.

Click for Candy Bar Order Form

Periodic or seasonal opportunities:

Cookie Dough Sale (Oct-2017)

Our Cookie Dough Sale began on October 6, 2017. Orders are due October 20, 2017.

Families will receive approximately $6 credit for every tub of cookie dough they sold. This will be credited to their $800 annual fundraising commitment. Final credit amount will be calculated based on vendors stated commission. $6 per tub sold is approximately 40% of total sales.

Yankee Candle Sale (Nov-2017)

Our Yankee Candle Sale will begin November 1, 2017. Order packets will be sent home with each student.

All orders and payments must be returned to school campus offices no later than November 15. This allows sufficient lead time so student orders may be delivered before the holidays.

Families will receive 40% of  their sales credited to their $800 annual fundraising commitment.

Gun & Cash Raffle (Nov-Dec-2017)

DMCA Gun & Cash Raffle Tickets will be distributed November 10, 2017. All ticket stubs and monies as well as unsold tickets are due at each campus office before Christmas break begins.

Each family will be given 8 tickets to sell at a cost of  $20/each ticket. Profit earned is $8 per ticket sold, and that amount will be applied to each family’s $800 annual fundraising commitment.

Additional tickets will be available in the main office of each campus on a first come, first serve basis.

Raffle prizes will be awarded based on the PA Lottery 4-digit number during the month of January 2018.

BB Easter Candy Sale (Feb-2018)

Blaine Boring Easter Candy Sale will kick-off in mid-February, 2018. Color Order Brochures will be distributed to each student.

Families receive 35% of their total sales credited to their $800 annual fundraising commitment.

Click here to download Blaine Boring Easter Candy Sale 2018  Brochure

Sub and Pizza Sale (Mar-2018)

Marianna’s Sub and Pizza Sale will kick-off in March, 2018.

Families will receive $2.50 for each item sold. This amount will be credited to their $800 annual fundraising commitment.

Race for Education (Jan-May-2018)

Each family prepares their own list of possible family, friend or business contributors.

Race for Education solicitation letters are then mailed by DMCA in January to each family’s contacts.

Families receive 90% credit for donations that come in from your contacts. The remaining 10% is used to offset the cost of supplies, postage, Race for Education event venue and student busing expenses.

Money and donations are totaled as they are received in the school office, so families can monitor their fundraising progress.

  • 2018 NFL Ticket Sale
    (Begins May 2018)
Students at 2016-2017 Race for Education

Divine Mercy Students pose after 2016-2017 Race for Education

FUNDRAISING Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does Divine Mercy Academy Have an Annual Fundraising Commitment?

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy strives to keep our tuition as affordable as possible. Our actual costs are greater than tuition alone. Therefore we offer a variety of fundraising fundraising options that make it possible for our families to earn up to $800 in profit credits, which we use to offset the overall financial burden of the school.

Each family is required to either raise $800 annually through the school’s approved fundraising options or make payments toward their $800 requirement through FACTS. Families may pay the $800 commitment in full at any point during the academic year.

Each new fundraising year co-insides with the school’s fiscal year. The 2017-2018 fiscal year began July 1, 2017 and will end June 30, 2018.

New with the current 2017-2018 year, our managing Board of Directors has approved an additional incentive whereby any family that raises MORE than the $800 minimum profit, will have one half of the excess over $800 applied to their tuition bill for the following year.

How Do I Meet My Family's Annual Fundraising Commitment?

We know that every dollar counts, and so DMCA provides fundraising opportunities for our families to generate money by selling desirable items to family, friends and co-workers.

Families are not required to participate in every fundraising opportunity. Some families have better results working one type of fundraiser than another.

Please pick and choose the opportunities that will be the most successful for your family and that will best help achieve your fundraising commitment.

Who Keeps Track of My Family's Fundraising Efforts?

Our school keeps electronic records, and families are able to request their fundraising balance by contacting their campus office.

Fundraising profits are credited to the FACTS account on a quarterly basis, and may be seen by logging into your FACTS account.

What Happens if My Family Doesn't Meet or Exceed our $800 Fundraising Commitment?

Families who fail to meet their $800 minimum fundraising commitment will be billed for the difference at the end of the fiscal school year.

What if my family exceeds our $800 Fundraising Commitment?

When a family’s annual fundraising activities generate more profits than the $800 minimum commitment, one half of the excess is credited against the family’s yearly tuition for the following year.


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