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Divine Mercy Catholic Academy relies on fundraising to support school operations, PTO activities and athletic programs.

  • For support of the school: 
    Optional school fundraising activities are offered as a way to keep DMCA tuition as low as possible. Each family (not each student) is assessed a flat $800 “fundraising fee” each year.
    This fee may either be paid outright along with tuition, or if a family so chooses, they make participate in a range of fundraising activities which generate profit.

Each family’s profit dollars are then applied against the family’s $800 annual obligation. One half of any excess profit dollars over the family’s $800 minimum commitment are credited against the family’s total tuition bill.

Please click the tabs below for more detail on the choices we are offering for 2019-20 School Fundraising.

  • For support of PTO activities.
    At DMCA, PTO underwrites all of our class field trips, special parties, speakers, or events that benefit all DMCA students. Information about current PTO fundraisers is posted on the PTO page of this website.
  • For support of DMCA Athletics.
    The DMCA Athletic Association works to defray costs of our various boys’ and girls’ sports programs. Information about current DMCA Athletic fundraisers is posted on the Athletics page of this website.

DMCA’s 2019-2020 School Benefit Fundraising Options include the following:

Ongoing opportunity throughout school year:


Our SCRIP program is built around the purchase of SCRIP gift cards. SCRIP cards may be used to pay for many things most people already buy – groceries, gas, dining, clothing and more at participating merchants, both local and on-line. SCRIP cards may be purchased year round and used for everything from buying school uniforms and to purchases from Amazon.

SCRIP is a very easy way for our families to reach their $800 fundraising goal, as SCRIP cards may be purchased and used not only by our families, but also by friends, grandparents, neighbors, etc.

Divine Mercy Academy earns a percentage on every SCRIP card purchased, and that percentage is credited to each family’s $800 fundraising commitment. The exact percentage earned varies depending on each vendor’s individual agreement with the SCRIP organization.

How to Purchase SCRIP:

You may buy SCRIP in the school office at DMCA’s East or West campuses. You may pay with cash or check. If you choose to pay by check at East campus, please make checks payable to St. Benedict. At West campus, please make checks payable to St. Clement.

SCRIP may also be purchased via check or cash at St. Clement or St. Benedict parish offices or after their weekend Masses.You do not have to be a member of St. Benedict or St. Clement parishes to purchase SCRIP cards, but you do have to designate Divine Mercy Catholic Academy as your beneficiary at the time you purchase SCRIP cards.
Please understand SCRIP must be purchased via DMCA or the listed parishes to earn fundraising credits. Gift cards purchased directly through retailers are not part of this program.

Tony's Sub Sale (October, November, December, 2019 and January, February, March, April, 2020)

Through the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April

Family fundraising return is $2 on every Tony’s Sub voucher.

Looking for a quick dinner and help your family fundraising fee? Tony’s Subs is the perfect solution. Vouchers will available at all three campuses. Each voucher entitles you to a freshly made Tony’s Sub. With the vouchers, you go to Tony’s Subs at 1346 Franklin St, Johnstown, and redeem your choice of premium sub:
Baked Ham
Roast Beef

Periodic or seasonal opportunities:

NFL Football Extravaganza (May, June, July, August, 2019)

Sale of NFL Extravaganza Tickets extends through the summer months, May through August. All tickets and monies are due on the first day of school in the fall.

Monetary prizes are then awarded throughout the NFL season. Click here to see winning ticket numbers as they become available.

Tickets sell for $20/each, and families earn $10 credit for each ticket they sell. Credits are then applied against each family’s annual fundraising commitment.

Every ticket has a unique combination of three NFL teams for each week of the 17-week NFL regular season (Thursday-Monday). Each week the final scores from each team are added together for the tickets’ final weekly score. (Bye weeks assume the final score the team had in the previous week.)
The ticket with the highest combination wins $500, second place $250, third place $100. The lowest score for the week wins $50. Cumulative scores are kept throughout the season and a
grand prize of $3,000 is awarded to first place. $2,000 for second place, $1,000 for third place and $500 for the lowest scoring ticket of the season. If multiple tickets would win, then the prize money is split evenly among the winning tickets at that level.

Marianna's Hoagies and Pizzas (July, September/October 2019 and April, 2020)

Marianna’s Hoagies & Pizza are billed as the Fundraiser That Sells Itself!
Fundraising returns are $2 on pizza and $2 on subs.

Delicious hoagies and handmade pizzas make this an easy fundraiser for our families. Orders are taken on a colorful order form where you can tally your orders for transfer to a total order master sheet. Master sheets and one check made payable to DMCA are collected.

Hoagies are available to picked up on the day of scheduled delivery. Be sure to watch for volunteer sign-ups to help sort orders on delivery day.


Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Sale (October, 2019)

Our Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Sale will kick off on October 4, 2019.
Mrs. Fields cookies and baked goods are:
 Ready in minutes
 Thirty-two 1.25 ounce cookies per box.
 Straight from freezer to oven
 Made from wholesome, premium ingredients.
 Zero grams trans fats.
 Kosher Certified.
 Place-and-bake dough for dozens of cookies, just as you’d find in Mrs. Fields stores.
 Keep frozen for up to one year or refrigerate for up to two weeks. Can be re-frozen as well. Baked cookies may be warmed in the microwave for up to 10 seconds or a 375-degree oven for 1-2 minutes.

Through the sale of cookie dough and magazines (available through online purchase) a percentage of your total sales will be credited toward your fundraising goals.

Pie Shoppe Sale (October, November, 2019)

DMCA’s sale of Laughlintown Pie Shoppe products will happen just in time for Thanksgiving in October and November, 2019.

Pie Shoppe dessert pies and pumpkin roll are crafted by master bakers and will be the perfect addition to your family’s Thanksgiving feast.

The pie flavors will include:

Chocolate Meringue Pie
Coconut Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Apple Pie
Dutch Apple Pie
Blackberry Pie
Wild Blueberry Pie
Razzleberry Pie
Cherry Pie
Peach Pie
Raisin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Harvest Pie

Fundraising returns are $2 pies and pumpkin roll.


Christmas Wreaths and Chip Dips (November, December, 2019)

Through the months of November and December
In the time for the holiday season! We are introducing two new fundraisers!
Holiday Wreaths
These beautiful holiday wreaths are as traditional as Christmas itself! Our wreaths are all hand-made with the freshest Minnesota balsam fir. There are many different styles ofbeautiful  wreath that will add a beautiful touch to your home or a wonderful Christmas gift!
Think DIP!
These dips make a wonderful addition to a Christmas party or a gift for your friends and family. There are a variety of mixes such as savory, sweet, and so many more mixes and seasonings.

With the holiday wreaths and dips a certain percentage of your sales will be credited toward your fundraising goal.

Disney Trip Raffle (November, December, 2019 and January, February, 2020)

Win a Trip for 4 to Disney World!
Each ticket costs $10 with a $4 return credited to your family fundraising account for each ticket sold.

Purchase of ticket enters you to win the following:
Trip for 4 to Disney World
Includes: Round trip airfare, transfers to and from resort, 6 nights hotel accommodations, Disney’s Dining plan, and Disney’s Park Passes.

Winning ticket be drawn on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020.


Race 4 Education (January, February, March, April, May, 2019)

Race 4 Education is an annual event for the entire DMCA student body which culminates in a walk/run for DMCA Education. This event is a fundraiser and much fun. It is a great way to meet the family’s $800 Fundraising Fee.

In January, participating students bring home a packet of information on the Race 4 Education, together with a page of donation solicitation mailing labels. (Additional label pages are available upon request).

Each family then prepares their own list of possible contributing sponsors, family, friends or businesses. Students then hand write those names and addresses to request sponsorship in the Race 4 Education. The completed Race 4 Education donation solicitations are returned to the school, students (in older grades) write personal requests, and then the solicitations are sent to family and friends via US Postal Service on or around March 1, 2020.

DMCA friends and family then answer the solicitation and send contributions to support their student in the Race 4 Education.  70% of all money collected by each family during the Race 4 Education will go toward their fundraising goal.

In May 2020, the school holds an all day Race 4 Education event with all students from all campuses. Parents are invited to a special Mass with Bishop Mark, and there are races and other fun activities for the students.  Each family prepares their own list of possible family, friend or business contributors.

Easter Candy Sale (March, April-2020)

This year, Easter is Sunday, April 12th. To help you fill your Easter Basket, DMCA will be holding an Easter Candy Sale.

Blaine Boring Easter brochures/order forms will be distributed to participating students.

Families will receive a percentage of their total sales credited to their $800 annual fundraising commitment.

Candy will be delivered to respective campuses on the agreed upon delivery date.


Car Raffle (April, May-2020)

DMCA participates in St. Benedict Parish’s New Car Raffle, held each summer during the parish’s Annual Reunion. Tickets to win the new car are $10 each. $2 of EACH ticket sale will be credited to your family’s fundraising account and applied to this current school year.

In addition, for every 10 tickets your family sells, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 Scholarship. Winner of the $500 scholarship will be drawn in July and applied to the 2020 – 2021 tuition.

Students at 2016-2017 Race for Education

Divine Mercy students pose after 2016-2017 Race 4 Education

FUNDRAISING Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does Divine Mercy Academy Have an Annual Fundraising Commitment?

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy strives to keep our tuition as affordable as possible. Our actual costs are greater than tuition alone. Therefore we offer a variety of fundraising fundraising options that make it possible for our families to earn up to $800 in profit credits, which we use to offset the overall financial burden of the school.

Each family is required to either raise $800 annually through the school’s approved fundraising options or make payments toward their $800 requirement through FACTS. Families may pay the $800 commitment in full at any point during the academic year.

Each new fundraising year coinsides with the school’s fiscal year. The 2019-20208 fiscal year began July 1, 20197 and will end June 30, 2020.

As an additional incentive, any family that raises MORE than the $800 minimum profit, will have one half of the excess over $800 applied to their tuition bill for the following year.

How Do I Meet My Family's Annual Fundraising Commitment?

We know that every dollar counts, and so DMCA provides fundraising opportunities for our families to generate money by selling desirable items to family, friends and co-workers.

Families are not required to participate in every fundraising opportunity. Some families have better results working one type of fundraiser than another.

Please pick and choose the opportunities that will be the most successful for your family and that will best help achieve your fundraising commitment.

Who Keeps Track of My Family's Fundraising Efforts?

Our school keeps electronic records, and families are able to request their fundraising balance by contacting their campus office.

Fundraising profits are credited to the FACTS account on a quarterly basis, and may be seen by logging into your FACTS account.

What Happens if My Family Doesn't Meet or Exceed our $800 Fundraising Commitment?

Families who fail to meet their $800 minimum fundraising commitment will be billed for the difference at the end of the fiscal school year.

What if my family exceeds our $800 Fundraising Commitment?

When a family’s annual fundraising activities generate more profits than the $800 minimum commitment, one half of the excess is credited against the family’s yearly tuition for the following year.

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