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Divine Mercy Catholic Academy offers a variety of fundraising programs to support school operations (Tuition Support Opportunities – TSO), PTO activities and athletic programs. Please note that these programs may change as the school year  progresses.

Fundraising for PTO Activities at Divine Mercy Academy

For support of PTO activities.
At DMCA, PTO underwrites class field trips, special parties, speakers, and many events that benefit all DMCA students.

Please contact our PTO officers or check our PTO Facebook page for info on current PTO activities.

Fundraising for Athletics at Divine Mercy Academy

For support of DMCA Athletics.
The DMCA Athletic Association works to defray costs of our various boys’ and girls’ sports programs.

Please contact our Athletic Association or coaching staff for info on current Athletic activities.

Fundraising for School Operations at Divine Mercy Academy

For support of the school:  Optional school Tuition Support Opportunities (TSO) are offered as a way to keep DMCA tuition as low as possible.

Each family (not each student) is assessed a flat $800 TSO fee each year. This fee applies to families who have students in Kindergarten thru Grade 6. The fee may simply be paid outright along with tuition, or if a family so chooses, they may participate in selected fundraising activities which generate profit.

Each family’s profit dollars are then applied to the family’s $800 annual TSO obligation.

Half of any excess profit over the family’s $800 minimum commitment is credited against the family’s tuition for the following school year.

Please click the tabs below for more info on our school fundraising options.

DMCA’s 2020-2021 Tuition Support Opportunities options include:

Ongoing opportunities throughout school year:



Divine Mercy offers a year-round SCRIP fundraising program. It is built around the purchase of SCRIP in the form of on-line currency or physical gift cards. SCRIP is used to pay for many things most people already buy – groceries, gas, clothing and more at participating merchants.

Our school earns a percentage on every SCRIP purchase. That money is then credited to each family’s $800 fundraising commitment.

SCRIP is an easy and convenient way for our families to reach their $800 fundraising goal, as SCRIP may be purchased and used not only by our families, but also by grandparents, friends, neighbors, and others to help families meet their $800 fundraising commitment.

Divine Mercy’s SCRIP program is administered by Great Lakes Script at www.ShopWithScrip.comSCRIP may be used at hundreds of national and regional chains, including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Home Depot, Disney, Panera, Starbucks, Giant Eagle, Amazon and more. The percentage earned varies from 2% to 16%, depending on the retailer. From time to time there are special seasonal promotions. Several local companies also participate in our DMCA SCRIP program.

The website has helpful information and several videos that explain the program in detail. Please contact us through our Contact Form if you have any questions or need additional information.


How to Purchase SCRIP:
Families may purchase SCRIP in the form of reloadable E-cards or as actual plastic gift cards. (Please note that SCRIP must be purchased as described below to earn DMCA Tuition Support Activities (TSA) credits. Gift cards purchased directly through retailers are not part of our SCRIP program.)


Buy DMCA SCRIP on-line.

Our SCRIP program offers convenient reloadable E-cards. That means you can shop from your phone wherever you are. To get started:

  • Email for the enrollment code
  • Visit
  • Follow prompts to link your bank account or credit card so you can purchase E-cards and reloads.
  • SCRIP E-cards are available immediately.
  • Save info to your cell phone like any other app for quick and easy access.
  • Credits earned from E-card purchases are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation each month.

Check out these quick videos for more info on how to set up your account:

Our ShopWithScrip program offers on-line SCRIP from 750 national and regional retailers, including Giant Eagle and Sheetz. Click here for the full online list.  SCRIP cards for local businesses are also available thru DMCA campus offices as well as St. Benedict, St. Clement and Our Mother of Sorrows parishes.

There are three ways to purchase physical SCRIP Gift Cards:

1. Purchase SCRIP Gift Cards at DMCA East and West Campus school offices:

  • Drop off your completed scrip order form with your cash or check payment.
    Click here to download and print DMCA’s East Campus SCRIP Card Order Form.
     If you pay by check at East campus, please make checks payable to St. Benedict parish. East campus orders will typically be ready within two school days. SCRIP Cards may then be picked up or sent home with your student.
    Click here to download and print DMCA’s West Campus SCRIP Card Order Form.  If you pay by check at West campus, please make checks payable to St. Clement parish. West campus orders submitted by Monday of each week will typically be ready the following Thursday. SCRIP Cards may then be picked up or sent home with your student.
  • Credits earned from SCRIP Card purchases at DMCA offices are applied to a family’s TSA obligation quarterly. In some instances, it may take longer.

2. Purchase SCRIP Gift Cards at St. Benedict and St. Clement parish offices or after weekend Masses:

  • Cards may be purchased with cash or check only and are available immediately.
  • You do not have to be a member of these parishes to purchase SCRIP Cards.
  • You do have to designate DMCA and the name of the student at the time you purchase the cards.
  • Credits earned from physical SCRIP Card purchases at the three churches are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation quarterly. In some instances, it may take longer.

3.  Purchase SCRIP Gift Cards on-line at Follow these steps:

  • Email for an updated SCRIP enrollment code.
  • Visit
  • ‘Join a Program’ – Divine Mercy Catholic Academy
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • On-Line purchases of physical SCRIP Cards may be paid for via debit or credit cards. However, please note that physical cards purchased through will incur additional fees.
  • Cards are typically delivered to your child’s campus within a few days and may then be picked-up or sent home with your student.
  • Credits earned from the purchase of physical gift cards via com are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation monthly.

Tony's Sub Sale - POSTPONED

Periodic or seasonal opportunities:

NFL Football Extravaganza

Sale of NFL Extravaganza Tickets has been extended through September 10, 2020.

Monetary prizes are then awarded throughout the NFL season.

Tickets sell for $20/each, and families earn $10 credit for each ticket they sell. Credits are then applied against each family’s annual TSA commitment.

Every ticket has a unique combination of three NFL teams for each week of the 17-week NFL regular season (Thursday-Monday). Each week the final scores from each team are added together for the tickets’ final weekly score. Bye weeks assume the final score the team had in the previous week. The ticket with the highest combination wins $500, second place $250, third place $100. The lowest score for the week wins $50. Cumulative scores are kept throughout the season and a grand prize of $3,000 is awarded to first place. $2,000 for second place, $1,000 for third place and $500 for the lowest scoring ticket of the season. If multiple tickets would win, then the prize money is split evenly among the winning tickets at that level.

Marianna's Hoagies and Pizzas

Marianna’s Hoagies & Pizza are billed as the fundraiser that sells itself! Families earn $2 for each pizza and sub sold.


Delicious hoagies and handmade pizzas make this an easy fundraiser for our families. Order forms will be sent home on Monday, 8/31/20, and emailed to families. Orders and one check payable to DMCA are due Thursday, 9/17/20. Orders must be paid in full before they can submitted.

Hoagies are available to picked up on the day of scheduled delivery. Be sure to watch for volunteer sign-ups to help sort orders on delivery day.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Sale - 10/2/20-10/16/20

Our Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Sale kicks off on Friday, 10/2/20. Order forms will be sent home and emailed to families; orders are due by Friday, 10/16/20, and will be delivered on Thursday, 11/12/20. Not familiar with Mrs. Fields cookies? They’re ready in minutes and can go straight from freezer to oven. They’re delicious warmed up in the microwave or oven – the perfect antidote to a sweet tooth! Each box includes 32 cookies. Families will earn $6 per item sold from the brochure; 40% of their online sales will also toward their TSO commitment.

Gardner Pie Sale - 10/19/20-11/6/20

Our Gardner Pie Sale begins Monday, 10/19/20; orders are due on Friday, 11/6/20, with delivery scheduled for Monday, 11/16/20 – just in time for a Thanksgiving! Families will earn $2 per pie on every pie sold. The frozen deep dish delicacies include a wide selection of fresh fruit pies, as well as topped creations like Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Crumb pies.  Orders must be paid in full before orders will be submitted. Click here for an order form.

Charleston Wrap Virtual Party - 10/26/20-11/13/20

We’ll be launching a virtual Charleston Wrap party on Monday, 10/26/20. We’ll be sharing fantastic online catalogues loaded with Charleston Wrap’s signature Ultra-Heavy™ reversible gift wrap, wrapping accessories, personalizable gifts, exclusive kitchen and home items, tasty gourmet goodies and so much more. The virtual party ends Friday, 11/13/20. Perfect timing for holiday gift-giving! Items will be sent to your home.

DMCA Beef Raffle - 12/4/20-3/17/21

Our Beef Raffles begins Friday, 12/4/20 and concludes Monday, 3/15/21 with the drawing held on Wednesday, 3/17/21. Each campus will raffle off a 1/2 a cow, with the winners also receiving a $300 credit toward a grill or freezer. For every 10 tickets sold, families will be entered into a drawing to win a iPad. Two iPads (one per campus) will be awarded. Families earn $5 for every $10 sold. More info to come!

Disney Trip Raffle - POSTPONED

Win a Trip for 4 to Disney World!
Each ticket costs $10 with a $4 return credited to your family fundraising account for each ticket sold.

Purchase of ticket enters you to win the following:
Trip for 4 to Disney World
Includes: Round trip airfare, transfers to and from resort, 6 nights hotel accommodations, Disney’s Dining plan, and Disney’s Park Passes.

Winning ticket be drawn in February.


Race 4 Education

Race 4 Education is an annual event for the entire DMCA student body which culminates in a walk/run for DMCA Education. This event is a fundraiser and much fun. It is a great way to help families meet their $800 TSO obligation.

In January, participating students bring home a packet of Race 4 Education information and a page of donation solicitation mailing labels. (Additional label pages are available upon request). Each family prepares their own list of possible contributing sponsors, family, friends or businesses, and students personally address the labels as part of their requests for support. The requests are mailed from each school; donors return their contributions directly to East or West campus.  At least 70% of all donations collected by each family during the Race 4 Education goes toward their TSO goal. The actual Race 4 Education is held on both campuses in May.

Easter Candy Sale - 2/26/21-3/12/21

Easter Candy Sale. The annual DMCA Easter Candy Sale is a great to way to help you fill your Easter baskets and earn credits toward your TSO commitment, too. The goodies are provided by Blaine Boring; brochures and order forms will be distributed to participating students in late February. Orders are due by 3/12/21 with delivery scheduled for 3/29/21. Families earn 35% on all candies sold toward their TSO commitment. Like our other fundraisers, orders must be paid in full before being submitted.


Car Raffle - Concludes 11/6/20

DMCA participates in St. Benedict Parish’s New Car Raffle. This year’s drawing will be held on Friday, 11/27/20.  Tickets to win the new car are $10 each; $2 of every ticket sold will be credited to your family’s fundraising account and applied to the current school year.  Tickets can be picked up at the St. Benedict Parish Office, 2310 Bedford Street. All ticket monies are due to school offices by Friday, 11/6/20.

In addition, for every 10 tickets your family sells, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 scholarship that can be applied to the 2020-21 school year.

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