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We have generous financial aid available for those students who qualify. We are committed to providing every family with the opportunity to attend our school. We offer funds through the Second Century Fund, our various Named Scholarship Programs, and our Parish Angel Funds. Each year contributions from a variety of generous donors makes financial aid available to deserving families. Below you will find information on how to apply for financial aid at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy.

Financial Awards

Financial aid at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy is awarded solely on the basis of need. To ensure that awards are objective and financial information is handled confidentially, DMCA uses an outside third party assessor, which is currently FACTS: Grant & Aid Assessment.

Families interested in applying for financial assistance for the coming school year would normally apply directly to FACTS: Grant & Aid Assessment.  However now, as of December 14, 2019, our financial aid info is being updated, and so we ask that families NOT apply for financial aid for the 2020-21 school year until this work is completed. We will update this notice as soon as our work is finalized, and we are ready to accept for new 2020-2021 applications.

All families must submit an application in order to receive any tuition assistance from Divine Mercy Catholic Academy. Online applications are strongly recommended. Deadline for submission of financial aid applications is March 15, 2020. Financial Aid cannot be awarded until all required tax documents have been received and reviewed. Late applications are accepted but the availability of financial aid is significantly diminished after the application deadline.

Financial Aid will not be awarded unless your student is registered at DMCA through SchoolAdmin. This is an online registration system that simplifies our registration and re-enrollment process. Please visit: SchoolAdmin on-line Registration to create an account and register your student. You are welcome to apply for aid first, and then register your student. However, when the financial awards are made, if your student is not registered through SchoolAdmin, financial assistance will not be provided.

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