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Mr Thomas Smith, Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Thomas Smith

Chief Academic Officer, DMCA; Principal, BMHS
Mary Fleck

Mrs. Mary Fleck

Principal, East and West Campus
Mr. Ribblett

Mr. Matthew Ribblett

Dean of Students, East and West Campus
Patricia Gable

Mrs. Patricia Gable

Student Services and ACE Coordinator

Mrs. Debra Leventry

Administrative Assistant
Sheri Back
Karen Instone

Mrs. Kristen Instone

Supervisor of Health Services
Mrs. Susan Langerholc

Mrs. Susan Langerholc

Health & Wellness Teacher
Karen Bell

Mrs. Karen Bell

Teacher, ACE Literacy
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Mr. Brad King

Teacher, STREAM Program
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Ms. Jennifer Boyd

Teacher, Pre-K 3
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Photo Coming Soon

Mrs. Kathleen Dorian

Teacher, Kindergarten
Pamela DiRenzo

Ms. Pamela DiRenzo

Teacher Grade 2
Carrie Garlesky

Mrs. Carrie Garlesky

Teacher, 3rd Grade
Kellie Hankinson

Ms. Kellie Hankinson

IU8 Guidance Counselor, Kindergarten - Grade 6
Michael Harchick

Mr. Michael Harchick

Teacher Physical Education
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Mrs. Laura Bower

Teacher, Language Arts and Social Studies, Grades 5 and 6
Marian Cyburt

Mrs. Marian Cyburt

Teacher Science, Grades 5-6
John Hicks

Mr. John Hicks

Teacher, Science, Grade 5 & 6
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Ms. Ashley Bowser

Teacher, Reading, English, Religion, Grade 4
Kimberly Hill

Mrs. Kimberly Hill

Teacher Reading, English, Religion, Grade 4
Sandra Hunsinger

Mrs. Sandra Hunsinger

ACE Support Mathematics
Jennifer Jones

Mrs. Jennifer Jones

Teacher Grade 1
Jaclyn Cascino Klein

Mrs. Jaclyn Klein

Teacher Kindergarten
Casey Lovette

Mrs. Casey Lovette

Teacher Grade 1
Kathleen Marano

Miss Kathleen Marano

Teacher Grade 1
Elizabeth Mateljan

Mrs. Elizabeth Mateljan

Teacher Pre-K Age 4
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Mrs. Megan Gordon

Teacher English, Social Studies, Religion, Grades 5-6

Mrs. Denise Nairn

Teacher Math, Social Studies, Religion, Grades 5-6
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Ms. Paulette Parlock

Teacher Spanish, Grades 2- 6
Kimberly Portser

Mrs. Kimberly Portser

Teacher Grade 2
Kathleen Rosko

Mrs. Kathleen Rosko

PreK Aide, Ages 3 and 4
Melissa Roxby Prek

Ms. Melissa Roxby

Teacher Pre-K Age 4
Janice Sindleri

Mrs. Janice Sindleri

Pre-K Aide, Ages 3 and 4
Margaret Sindleri

Ms. Margaret Sindleri

Teacher Grade 3
Shannon Stephens

Ms. Shannon Stephens

Teacher Kindergarten
Beverly Struble, Art Teacher, East and West Campus

Ms. Beverly J. Struble

Teacher Art, Kindergarten - Grade 6
Tina Teno

Mrs. Tina Teno

Teacher Math, Grades 5-6
Laura Swank

Mrs. Laura Swank

Teacher Grade 4
Ryan Woodruff

Mr. Ryan Woodruff

Teacher Reading, Social Studies, Religion, Grades 5-6
Evonne Yanzetich, Music Teacher
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