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Carrie Garlesky

Mrs. Carrie Garlesky

Teacher, 3rd Grade

Teacher, 3rd Grade East Campus
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Mrs. Kathleen Dorian

Teacher, Kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher, East Campus
Kathleen Rosko

Mrs. Kathleen Rosko

PreK Aide, Ages 3 and 4

Pre-K Aide, Ages 3 and 4, East Campus
Kimberly Portser

Mrs. Kimberly Portser

Teacher Grade 2

Teacher, Grade 2, East Campus

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Mrs. Laura Bower

Teacher, Language Arts and Social Studies, Grades 5 and 6
Grades 5 And 6, East Campus
Laura Swank

Mrs. Laura Swank

Teacher Grade 4

Teacher, Grade 4, East Campus
Marian Cyburt

Mrs. Marian Cyburt

Teacher Science, Grades 5-6

Teacher, Science, Grades 5-6, East Campus
Mrs. Susan Langerholc

Mrs. Susan Langerholc

Health & Wellness Teacher

Teacher, Health & Wellness, East Campus
Tina Teno

Mrs. Tina Teno

Teacher Math, Grades 5-6

Teacher, Math, Grades 5-6, East Campus
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Ms. Jennifer Boyd

Teacher, Pre-K 3

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 Teacher, East Campus
Kathleen Marano

Miss Kathleen Marano

Teacher Grade 1

Teacher, Grade 1, East Campus
Melissa Roxby Prek

Ms. Melissa Roxby

Teacher Pre-K Age 4

Teacher  Pre-K  Age 4, East Campus

Shannon Stephens

Ms. Shannon Stephens

Teacher Kindergarten

Teacher, Kindergarten, East Campus
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