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DMCA Middle States Accreditation

DMCA Middle States Accreditation

Divine Mercy has been awarded a six-year national accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. It’s an honor, and it’s actually a renewal of the accreditations held by the four Catholic grade schools that came together to make Divine Mercy: Cathedral Catholic, Our Mother of Sorrows, St. Benedict’s and St. Andrews.

The rigorous accreditation process actually began last winter and culminated in April with a team of Middle States auditors visiting each of our three campuses. They looked at all aspects of DMCA from student learning and test results to student activities, health & safety, staff, finances, facilities, leadership, planning and much more. The evaluators found that DMCA met or exceeded all accreditation indicators. Their findings resulted in a deficiency-free report that led to our six-year accreditation award.

Tom Smith, our  chief administrative officer, congratulated our students, staff and board for their dedication and hard work. Mr. Smith said: “We’re proud of DMCA. In just three years, we’ve made significant investments in our curriculum and in our teachers and in our resources to bring the latest instructional strategies to our students. It’s paying off.”

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